3-D Airfield Feature Extraction

Passenger Terminal Chennai Int’l Airport, India

VGW Geospatial is one of the few companies that can extract airfield features from stereo imagery to create 3-D airfield maps.  We use a system that includes BAE’s Socet GXP and Socet for Arc tied to ESRI’s ArcGIS Desktop 10.x software to create 3-D features.  We also use ESRI’s Data Reviewer and other tools ensure attribute data and topology are accurate. We provide deliverable products in shapefile, ESRI file geodatabase, or Google Earth (KML) formats. Shapefiles are the most common open data standard mapping deliverable, while the ESRI file geodatabase is probably the most widely used.

VGW Geospatial has been producing 3-D airfield maps for the past 4 years and has completed 58 airfields all across the globe.