O’Fallon LiDAR Project

LiDAR collection for O’Fallon, Illinois Emergency Services Communication System

The City of O’Fallon, Illinois hired VGW Geospatial to provide a highly accurate LiDAR solution for line-of-sight analysis and drainage calculations for approximately 45 square miles of the city limits. VGW Geospatial produced digital surface models and digital terrain models from a low-altitude LiDAR acquisition platform with a vertical RMSE of 0.2-feet.

This LiDAR project has continued to provide the City of O’Fallon with valuable information for many of their Public Works Projects. This dataset has been used to determine obstacle encroachment into the Emergency Services Air Fiber Optics line-of-sight communication system, modeling runoff for the city’s stormwater system, collecting curb lines for each of the city’s streets, and determining line-of-sight restrictions for street signage.